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Click picture to move to bottom of page.  Untitled, colored pencil on paper, 12" x 9", © 2018 RECENT ART XII







   I am an artist that believes in the value of making art, the power of art to communicate and that society benefits from activity in the arts. My work takes its inspiration from daily life and events both personal and cultural. I like to paint with gesture and color using various textures and realistic, symbolic and abstract shapes and content. Notice what you can do with paint, using it opaque or transparent, rough and loose or tight and controlled.
   These pictures are my take on the world, the title is a clue to what they are about. The process of making art can take many forms. This includes interacting emotionally or logically to the artwork itself or the idea or subject matter that inspired it. It includes spontaneity and planning. Art is creating-thinking-feeling in a tangible form.
   I have a symbiotic relationship with my art in that it gives life meaning. I don’t think the Art World is about vanity because art communicates and shares ideas. Artists are not just showing off. It is less self-indulgent if we can share it.
   I hope your visit here is rewarding.
   According to my understanding of Copyright’s Fair Use Law, you may make copies of artwork by Mark Schwing located on the website for personal use. All content here is free to view or read, as it should be.
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Art is worth living.